Mock Presentation

As a clear departure from the practice in the past, presentations during your mock defense shall be pre-recorded and sent to the centre’s upload page before the due date. All students are expected to log in for the session, receive comments and answer questions after their pre-recorded presentations is over. Ensure you use the School’s Master PowerPoint slides for preparing your presentation.

Developing your presentation

You will create a short (not more than 15 slides presented within 7 minutes). Ensure your video is switched on when presenting your slides. On the PowerPoint menu, click on recording  Record Slide Show  select from the beginning  click the red button (record). You will need to transit from one slide to another by using the right or left buttons indicating forward or backward transition slide. Click stop immediately you are done

For more information on how to create a pre-recorded presentation, see instructions for turning your presentation into a video from this link .

Saving and uploading your presentation

  • It is recommended that you review your presentation to ensure it was properly done within 7 minutes before uploading.
  • After you end your presentation, you can choose any of the two methods below to save your slide
  • Get to file *Export * Create a video * select the video quality (select standard (480p) to reduce the size of your presentation and make it easier to upload) *select option for ‘use recorded timing and narrations’ *create video *and then save as MPEG-4 video *create video

Click on the button below to upload your content.