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The entire Population and Environment at large have been confronted with a lot of health challenges emanating from Toxicological impacts of oil and gas industries on the Environment. There is an urgent need to evaluate not only the sources but also the health implications and possibly ways of ameliorating or preventing the health effects of such hazardous chemicals using natural antidote.

The postgraduate programme in Environmental Toxicology is designed to offer intensive training in special areas with emphasis on selected research programmes and also to  promote research on suspected and known environmental toxicants with emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches, provide education and laboratory training at the postgraduate level and facilitates exchange of scientific information relating to molecular and medical Toxicology, environmental and public health issues especially as it relates to Niger Delta, Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Lack of equity, excellence and integrity noted in handling some of the effects is compounded by the paucity of highly skilled and motivated health professionals who are equipped with current knowledge, skills and competencies required for conducting cutting –edge research in toxicology that would help mitigate the public health issues arising from oil and gas exploration in Nigeria. This can be achieve by developing high calibre manpower, with the requisite teaching skills and research abilities, to handle the public health and environmental challenges hindering sustainable development in regions of Africa where oil and gas activities are on-going.
Rationale for the Graduate Programme in Environmental Toxicology
Aims and Objectives of the Post Graduate Programmes in Environmental Toxicology
Intended Learning Outcomes

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