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Our History/Emergence

Following the recent round of competitive bid for Africa Centre of Excellence (ACE) in various fields of human endeavor, the University of Port Harcourt successfully attracted another World Bank funded African Centre of Excellence for Public Health and Toxicological Research (ACE-PUTOR) added to the existing Centre of Excellence for Oilfield Chemical Research. This makes the University of Port Harcourt one of twelve in Nigeria hosting ACE impact projects and also one of three (including Bayero and UNILAG) hosting two of such projects.

The ACE-3 impact project is designed to improve the quality, quantity of PG education and improve regional specialisation and also participation. Indeed, ACEs like PUTOR are set-up to be regional Centres that would promote collaboration and interdisciplinary research; build strong reputation for excellence; support teaching, learning, assessment of students; provide uninterrupted research and learning Calendar. Most of these Centres are insulated but not isolated from the vagaries of the University’s system and are expected to be self-sustaining at the end of the performance-based funding cycle. They are also expected to send quarterly and annual progress reports to host Universities and NUC.

PUTOR Selection Process

From the report of the National Universities Commission, twelve countries participated in the ACE-1 &3 programme in West and Central Africa. These include Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Niger, Djibouti, Guinea, Togo and the Gambia.

In Nigeria, applications were opened to all 152 (40 Federal, 44 States, 68 Private) universities in Nigeria and most fields of academic training. Nigerian universities expressed a total of

•      151 interests (topics for the intended proposals)

•      132 proposals were eventually submitted

–     122 of these proposals were for the establishment of new Centres

–     10 of these proposals were for the renewal of existing ACE-1 Centres

•      43 proposals scaled through to international review

–     35 new proposals

–     8 out of the 10 existing Centres

•      26 proposals qualified for onsite evaluation

•      17 Centres were eventually selected with 10 being completely new Centres while the remaining 7 were part of the 10 existing Centres

The total number of ACE-3 Impact Centres across the 12 countries in West and Central Africa are 44

Our background
Our background

About Us

PUTOR is a World Bank funded African Centre of Excellence for Public Health and Toxicological Research. It is a platform for providing inter-disciplinary academic stream of postgraduate programmes and rapidly bridge the current paucity of adequately trained personnel with terminal degrees in public health, toxicology, nutrition and midwifery/child health nursing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Choose Us

The philosophy of the programmes in PUTOR is underpinned by the need to promote equity, excellence and integrity. This is premised on developing the knowledge, skills and competences of students from diverse academic backgrounds to becoming industry ready professionals. The instructions apply newer pedagogical techniques built around blended learning, competency-based learning and self-directed learning. 

Other advantages are our strong emphasis on collaboration and interdisciplinary research; strong reputation for excellence; availability of a language laboratory for training non-English students; e-library facility; access to electronic learning resources; unparalleled support for teaching & learning; comfortable learning environment; students’ support; uninterrupted learning calendar.


Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in providing highly sought-after, world-class academic and professional programmes which are recognised for local relevance, international excellence and global impact in the field of public health, toxicology, human/community nutrition and midwifery and child health nursing.


Our mission is to provide a platform to congregate highly skilled human resource both within and outside the UniPort; build a robust resource of highly skilled and motivated public health professionals who are equipped with current knowledge, skills and competencies required to improve the practice of public health, human/community nutrition, toxicology and midwifery and child health nursing; produce cutting –edge research projects to solve public health issues arising from oil and gas sectors and undertake consultancy and community services.

Specific Objectives

Specific Objectives of the Centre include the

  1. Training of students and technical experts/policymakers through short courses on relevant public health and toxicological issues in the region.
  2. Training national and regional Masters’ students in the focused areas
  3. Training national and regional students to obtain PhDs in the focused areas.
  4. Developing regional research capacity to support focused interventions on developmental challenges

Contact Us

University of Port Harcourt
Rivers State, Nigeria


Phone: 234(0)8136592033, +234(0)8129429447



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